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Can Anyone Benefit from a Bad Credit Mortgage?

Virtually anyone can benefit from a bad credit mortgage, but some will do better going with a traditionally structured mortgage; here we’re going to talk about the importance of choosing us as your Toronto mortgage broker and what you can do to get ready before you apply. While lenders offer mortgages for people with bad […]

Why are More Homeowners Seeking Bridge Mortgages?

More and more homeowners are looking for bridge mortgages to buy a home when they’re not liquid, but why? What can we do for you as a Toronto mortgage broker? What do you need to get a bridge loan? What are they anyway? All these questions and more will be answered here. You want to […]

How Much Will a Bridge Mortgage Really Cost You?

Everyone wants an easy transition between their first home and their second, but sometimes a bridge mortgage can cost you more than it’s worth. Here we’re going to talk about how bridge mortgages work and what happens when they don’t. If you don’t get the best terms from the outset it’s easy to end up […]

How Thieves are Using Home Equity Lines of Credit

One of the latest and saddest identity theft trends in the last couple years are identity thieves using home equity lines of credit to tap the money right out of your home – and you may not even know about it. It’s better you tap into it before someone else does! Here we’re going to […]

Using a Home Equity Loan as an Emergency Fund

It can be hard to save for a rainy day, but if you have a home you might just be in luck; with a home equity loan brokered by one of our Toronto mortgage brokers you’re going to get all the money you need to weather the storm. While it may not be the most […]

Getting Financed with Bad Credit

If you’re having trouble getting financed, it’s time to start thinking about bad credit mortgages! There are so many lenders out there that are eager to work with you, even if your credit is a bit iffy. Here we’re going to go over a few things you’re going to have to ask yourself and what […]

Can Refinancing Too Much Hurt Your Credit?

It’s easy to think that you can ALWAYS get the better deal, but if you take out too many second mortgages in too short a time or just refinance your home in general you could end up hurting your credit. Borrowing shows you’re not liquid, even if you repay quickly. The last thing you want […]

How to Deal with an Underwater Mortgage

It goes by many names: underwater, upside down, sideways – whatever you call it it’s no good. When you owe more than the property is worth you may have to walk away, but there is always another option. A second mortgage can help pull you out of the debt bubble and help save your home […]

Debt Consolidation Done Right

No one wants to end up in a lose-lose situation, and that’s why when you’re considering debt consolidation you want our Toronto mortgage brokers to help you find the right solution. You can turn the equity in your home into a deal that can clear the slate and help you get on the road to […]