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Choosing Between A Line Of Credit and A Second Mortgage

Choosing between a second mortgage and a line of credit is a big decision more so now that most of an average person’s wealth is tied up to their home in the form of home equity. There are several reasons for the above, such as people using up all their extra money to pay their […]

8 Unusual Factors that Can Affect Your Home’s Value

Most of us think that it’s all about location when it comes to real estate, and that is true for the most part. However, there are a multitude of quirky or even unusual factors that can affect your home’s price; and we’re not just talking of lot size, number of bedrooms, total square footage, number […]

10 Top House-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

House-hunting is not for the weak of heart. It is more than just calling some real estate agents, seeing a few houses, and moving in right after you found one you like. Things can get very challenging when looking for a new home more so if you’re targeting buying a home in a hot neighbourhood. […]

September Brings in Rebound of Average Toronto House Price

Average home re-sale price rose up 6% or $43,000 in September as compared to the previous month. The data was from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s records. Home sales were also down by 35% as realtors were able to sell just 6,379 homes. Just a little over two thirds compared to September 2016. Awakening Market? […]

Top 10 Neighbourhoods to Watch Out for in Toronto 2018

Toronto has been growing exponentially in the past two decades with the population ballooning to 6.5 million in 2016 from merely 2 million in 1990. With this population growth comes millions of new residents looking for homes, driving up home prices more so in established areas. Your best bet in scoring a deal is to […]

Home Equity Facts: What You Need to Know

Homeowners refer to their hone equity as wealth, but what does it have to do with building your net worth? What is home equity and how does it contribute to your wealth? What is Home Equity? Home equity is the value that you have built up in your home. If you still have some mortgage […]

Why Use Private Mortgage Loans

Private mortgage loans are helping people have access to funds they won’t otherwise have by using their property as a collateral. Of course, one can try to get a traditional loan from the bank or some other financial institution but that may not always be possible due to a variety of reasons. Here are some […]