Must Know Facts About a Private Mortgage

A lot of people are getting interested in applying for a private mortgage but are not sure if getting one will truly be beneficial for them. After all, getting a private mortgage is a big decision and not just something to take on a whim. You’ll want to weigh the disadvantages against the advantages to ensure that you get the most benefits from applying for a private mortgage. Below are more helpful information.

Why Get a Private Mortgage?

Applying for a private mortgage is often one of the best options for people who may not qualify for a loan with a traditional lender. Banks and credit unions often require a lot of paperwork that not everybody may be able to provide even if they are more than capable of repaying the loan. Private lenders are friendlier for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and small business owners.

Your Property Value is a Factor

Lenders will have to assess how much they stand to lose in the event of property value fluctuations because even small fluctuations can mean tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is normal for them to ask you for a lot of details regarding this factor.

Maintenance is Key

You will have to make sure that you can take care of maintenance needs because no lender will lend you money (an investment on your property from their part) if the said investment is not sound, to begin with. You’ll have to be able to pay for maintenance and not let things get out of hand.

Title Issues Are a No Go

A title search is pretty much a requirement before you can apply for a private mortgage because this provides extra protection for the lender. After all, they can’t give you a mortgage on a home that you can’t prove you own.

No Outstanding Tax Complications

Given that tax laws are tricky and the government will really go after someone who hasn’t paid tax obligations, getting rid of tax issues is a must before even considering getting a private mortgage to avoid issues down the line.

Be Ready for Private Mortgage Agreements

Because a private mortgage is a type of loan, everything will have to be put into writing for details to be well documented. This ensures that no issues will come up later should one party forgets the terms they agreed to. Make sure that your documentation will include details on:

  • Payment terms
  • Acceptable forms and channels of payments
  • Possible penalties for failure to make payment
  • Prepayment stipulations if allowed
  • Collateral for the loan (in full detail)
  • Foreclosure terms

Doing a Private Mortgage Correctly

The best way to make sure that you do a private mortgage correctly and avoid possible expensive mishaps is to engage the help of mortgage professionals who can help you find private mortgage lenders as well as assist you in negotiating terms that are within your capacity to meet. The last thing you want is to make uninformed decisions that can cost you your home.

Do you want to speak with a mortgage professional to really determine if a private mortgage is the best financing option for you? Talk to us today!

More Canadians Are Turning To Private Mortgage Lenders and Here’s Why

An increase in Canada’s mortgage rates will eventually happen and when it does, the national real estate market will get one of the biggest shocks it will ever have in the past 3 decades or so. There is fear that the real estate bubble will burst and policymakers are busy trying to prevent that from happening by deflating the bubble while they still can.

Popularity Rise

In view of the above, it is little wonder then that private lender mortgages have become more popular in the last decade. If recent marketplace changes are to be considered, then the private mortgage lending industry is bound to get more action soon. This is because the jump in home values have resulted to tighter regulations on banks which in turn have imposed stricter qualifications as to whom can borrow from them.

Private mortgage lenders generally cater to people who’ve been turned away by banks. Other typical customers are people who have bad credit, are new immigrants, or are self employed. A private mortgage lender’s screening is typically more reasonable than a bank’s. They can afford to be like this because they aren’t as deep into paperwork as banks.

With the above said, lending rules in Canada are becoming more and more strict in recent years due to fear of the real estate bubble bursting. This fear is what is causing the government to create dramatic changes in an effort to cool down the market but making borrowing a lot more difficult for people who need cash.

Answering Demand

People who need emergency cash are turning to private mortgage lenders if they need a large sum of money. True, private lenders are nowhere near inexpensive but they are still the best option for many people who have no chances of being able to borrow from banks or certain institutions.

How and why private mortgage lenders can lend money to people with bad credit or in bad financial status is because they operate in an unregulated environment. Their operations are still small, estimated at just around 15% of new mortgages in Canada but even that small amount was a result of a rapid climb in the need for their services since the recession in 2008 to 2009. Their market share of just 0.8% of the mortgage market continually increased by 25% shared CIBC World Markets deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal.

Private Lending Now

The private lending market is currently saturated with big players with huge companies cashing in on the demand and competitors outplaying each other’s ads to remain on top.

The Canadian government is doing what it can to significantly cool the market, prevent further rise, and avoid crashing the market while doing both. An example of the government doing this can be seen in the implementation of the foreign buyer tax in British Columbia which had an immediate effect of stopping further price increase in the area and surrounding markets.

Is the above bad? That still remains to be seen. But if you’re one of those who can no longer apply to banks for a mortgage, you may want to look up how to get a mortgage from a private lender.

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Not Qualified for a Bank Mortgage? Get a Private Mortgage Instead!

Qualifying for a bank mortgage is like trying to trying to place the moon in a tiny cup for people who do not have near perfect financial records. And it is not just them. This also affects individuals who’ve only recently moved to Canada as well as people who are self employed. What’s there to do?

If you’re one of the above or have credit problems, there are still mortgage solutions for you. Sure, banks may not be best option more so with the new mortgage rules for this year; but a quick talk with mortgage specialists will let you know that you may just be an application away from alternative mortgages and private mortgages.

Financing with a Private Mortgage

Using a private mortgage for financing is especially helpful for the following people:

  • Private investors
  • Self-employed people
  • Non-Canadian residents
  • Foreign investors
  • Those with a bad credit
  • Those planning to but small condos or micro condos that are under 600 square feet
  • People who have a commercial or construction loan
  • People whose property is under foreclosure
  • Those who still owe taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Business people who want to start a business with the use of equity takeouts
  • Those who are not fully paid for their property tax

It should be noted that banks are not the place to apply for a private mortgage for most people. Fortunately, professional mortgage brokers can help with connecting borrowers with the right individuals and businesses that can lend private mortgage or a helping hand (financially speaking).

Applying for a Private Mortgage

Getting an approved application for a private mortgage is subject to a lot of factors. You should know that if you’re planning to purchase property, then you will have to get financing for the 15% to 20% down payment that you need to initiate your purchase. You should also know that your mortgage rates will vary based on whether you’re buying your first, second, or third real estate property. As for payments, you can opt for interest only payments or make it an open loan so you’ll have the freedom to just pay all your mortgage early with no penalty.

Find a Good Mortgage Broker

Know that your private mortgage will have certain fees. This is how the broker gets paid and how some of the paperwork is paid for. The fee can be as little as $500 or as high as 5% of the amount you borrowed. This fee will vary from one mortgage broker to another.

A good mortgage broker should help you plan an exit strategy in the event that you want to move to a lower-rate mortgage. That’s what we do at Homebase Mortgages because we believe in helping you each step of the way. We want to protect your best interests because that’s how we ensure that you’ll be able to do financially better in the long run.

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Why Use Private Mortgage Loans

Private mortgage loans are helping people have access to funds they won’t otherwise have by using their property as a collateral. Of course, one can try to get a traditional loan from the bank or some other financial institution but that may not always be possible due to a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:

Qualifying Issues

Institutions often require that the borrower have a good credit score in addition to having a good property plus a lot of other requirements. In some cases, loans are not approved because the borrower’s property is not producing a good enough income to qualify as collateral or that it requires too many repairs or significant rehabilitation to be usable.

When institutions decline a borrower, it is often then that they seek other sources of funds and come across a private mortgage lender. Private mortgage lenders do not care about somebody’s credit score or some other requirements. They only often require that the amount to be borrowed is fair considering the property’s appraised value and the borrower’s projected income. Simply be able to pay the loan or have property that can offset the cost of the loan in the event of a default is all they require.

The Need for Privacy

Applying for a loan in an institution means filling up paperwork and a lengthy verification process leading to several people becoming aware of the loan application. If a person is going through a divorce or has a new lawyer that he or she may not be very comfortable with yet, this can be a very stressful time. Private mortgage lenders do not put borrowers in such a predicament and do not care if someone is delayed in his tax return or if his property information details are not up to date.

Speed Issues

Mortgage money from financial institutions or banks can take 60 to 90 days to get to the borrower. This is because traditional lenders often require an extensive assessment of the borrower’s current financial status, credit history, tax returns, and financial statements aside from getting the appraised value of the property.

On the other hand, private mortgage lenders usually just take 7 to 10 days to complete a transaction. This is because they usually only require assessment of the property as the main criteria before approving a loan therefore resulting in a significantly quicker approval process. They can decide in a matter of a day or two with no need for a loan approval committee like what is seen in traditional financial institutions.

Needing More Money

Private mortgage lenders may allow the borrower to borrow more because they only use the property’s appraised value with no need to subtract their own capital or adjust based on the borrowers’s income. This means that the borrower may be able to push for a bit more as long as the private mortgage lender is amenable. Win-win!

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The Benefits of Using a Private Mortgage Lender

It seems that not many are aware of the benefits of private mortgage and how they can be used by almost anyone. Private mortgages are truly an under used option by mortgage applicants perhaps because some may not know that it can be the best option for those who have a high possibility of being turned down by traditional lenders or those who just want a bit more flexibility than what a bank can offer.

Alternative Option for Those Turned Down By Strict Lending Rules

Because more regulations are presently being imposed on potential homeowners, it is understandable that not all who apply will qualify. People who have no guarantor or those who have no means to pay a higher interest rate are likely to be turned down.

As it is, an example of how things can change would be the rules imposed in October 2016 courtesy of the Federal Government. It made private lenders change how they give private mortgages to people.

How to Apply for a Private Mortgage

Applying for a private mortgage can be a tricky process. You can try to meet and approach private lenders by searching on the web or perhaps by word of mouth as private lending is a legitimate business. Hopefully you won’t have to resort to hiring a private investigator in Mississauga order to find the right one! The thing is that each private lender has their own regulations and stipulations so shopping around may not be as easy as most may think.

Advantages of a Private Mortgage

Because not everyone has a strong credit rating, a stable job, big home equity, and more, applying for a bank loan is not for everybody. Big banks usually turn down borrowers who do not check enough of their boxes. This is why private mortgage financing is such a great alternative for a lot. People who can reap the advantages of a private mortgage include:

  • Foreign investors
  • Anyone looking to flip a property
  • Applicants who owe taxes
  • Self-employed people
  • Applicants who are rebuilding their credit score
  • Those who are looking for equity for other ventures such as starting a business

Disadvantages of a Private Mortgage

Your property matters a great deal when applying for a private mortgage. This is why people with properties in undesirable locations may be rejected by lenders. Another disadvantage of a private mortgage is that the fees because this can vary so much between lenders. Note that private lenders pay 1% to 5% of the borrowed amount to the broker that made it possible, hence, the discrepancy. Another possible disadvantage is you choosing one that would be nearly impossible to pay within your means and present financial status. Extra care is truly needed.

Still unsure if approaching a private lender or applying for a private mortgage is for you? Talk to us at Homebase Mortgages so we can walk you through what you need to know. We can also help you get approved as well as review the terms for you so you can be sure that you end up with a private mortgage that will serve your interests. Contact us at your earliest convenience!

How Private Mortgage Lenders Provide Easy and Secure Financing

People who do not or cannot qualify for the borrowing requirements in Canada’s big banks will find that they have a great option in using a private mortgage lender. How so? Because unlike borrowing from a traditional lender, a loan from a private mortgage lender usually comes from a group of investors or an individual investor who use their assets to lend funds to others. The best part about this is that there won’t be issues with banks!

Canadians Choose Private Lenders

Housing prices have soared quite wildly in Canada since 2009 but at the same time, interest rates have been at a record low. This trend is expected to continue for the rest of 2017 but not very welcome to many because the changing times have made it quite difficult for an average Canadian to procure a loan.

With the above said, those who have been turned down by banks due to unsteady income or low credit score have a lifeline in private mortgages. Canadians who dream of being homeowners turn to private mortgage lenders to make their dream come true.

The above is supported by the fact that about 5% of the overall mortgage market in Canada is composed of private mortgage lenders. In Ontario, they comprise about 4% of new mortgages, a total of about $1.1 billion in mortgages.

All the above points to the reality that borrowing from private lenders is increasingly helping those who cannot borrow from banks due to the tightening mortgage rules in Canada.

Choosing a Private Mortgage Lender Benefits

Because buying a home in Canada entails a down payment of 20% and not everyone have that kind of money in savings, private lenders are more and more in the spotlight. Note that banks in Canada will only fund 80% of a property’s purchase price and a private mortgage lender will usually finance more than that, making it more attractive for self-employed Canadians and those who cannot produce third-party validation to get a loan.

But how do private mortgage lenders do this? They can because they don’t have to play by the same rules as traditional lenders. Private lenders are often funded by individual investors or a group of investors who have nearly full free rein on how they conduct their business, making the loan application process significantly simpler and easier for those who choose them.

The minimal downside to borrowing from private lenders is they might want to send in their own assessors to ensure that the property they will be financing is a good investment. This is because private loans are uninsured and they make to make sure that they won’t be in the losing end should a borrower default in the future.

Borrow from a Private Mortgage Lender Today!

There are other details that you need to be aware of when borrowing from private lenders but this can vary widely according to the location and the lender. To ensure that you are getting the best deal, it is best to get the help of professional mortgage brokers who can assist you every step of the way. That is exactly what we do at Homebase Mortgages! Contact us to know more!

Why Try a Private Mortgage Lender

Very few people can afford to buy a home without getting some type of loan to make such an investment. If you want to purchase a home, you can try to take a loan from traditional banks or explore other options such as looking up other lenders.

This isn’t to say that all lenders are created equal. You will have to shop for the right mortgage and scrutinize all of your options to ensure that you’ll be getting the best financing with the best rates.

Enter mortgage brokers. They are the people that can help you gain access to lenders with the best rates and terms. Working with professional mortgage brokers will ensure that you’ll not be getting in a situation that you might regret later because their job is to find the right mortgage according to your means and needs.

Yes, an advantage of working with reputable mortgage brokers is that they’ll always have your best interest in mind. They’ll be able to go through many private lenders and use their experience to identify the ones that will give you a great deal. A professional mortgage broker will not only save you from doing a lot of legwork yourself but will also help you save money on fees, interest, and other expenses.

The greatest advantage of having a mortgage broker is that he or she will explain to you how a private mortgage lender can help you out in your dream of having your own home. Below are some other reasons why you should go for a private mortgage lender.

You’ll have Better and More Options

Private lenders work with all sorts of loans, from construction loan if you’re building a house, an agricultural loan if you’re developing land, to helping you get needed funds to renovate a home. They have flexibility, something which most banks don’t have.

You Need a Mortgage that is Perfect for Your Means and Needs

Private lenders offer loans that are tailor-made to you. You can also renegotiate terms to make the loan fit your needs even better. Banks certainly do not offer that. If you think finding private lenders that will bend for you is near impossible, just find a mortgage broker that can make this happen!

Your Credit Score Leaves Much to Be Desired

Okay, you have poor credit and banks will almost certainly deny your loan application the moment they get a glimpse of your credit score. Private lenders can come to your rescue! Of course, you will have to make it worth their while by following their terms but the thing is, a poor credit score isn’t a dead end for you because there will be private lenders who are willing to help you out for a bit of profit.

Ready to get a loan from a private lender? Seek a professional mortgage broker first! A mortgage broker’s invaluable service will not only save you time but also save you money in the long run. Contact us at Homebase Mortgages for additional details.


Are Private Mortgages Like Conventional Mortgages?

private mortgagesPrivate mortgages can be some mysterious business, but once you break them down you’ll see that they’re pretty much the same as a conventional mortgage – only better! Here we’re going to talk about what mortgages offer, why more people are going the private mortgage route and how to make sure that this is the right choice for you. Remember to speak with one of our Toronto mortgage brokers before you start applying for loans; we’ll be able to help you understand what options you have available to you. Let’s get started.

What is a Private Mortgage?

A private mortgage is a loan for a home granted by a private lender. You’ll get access to private bankers, the ability to get bad credit mortgages, reverse mortgages, all kinds of mortgages. You’ll want to make sure that the lender you’re going with is the one that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a good private mortgage lender, talk to us! We’re Canada mortgage brokers that know which lenders will be amenable to your kind of borrowing.

What’s a Conventional Mortgage?

A conventional mortgage is the mortgage your parents and grandparents had – this is a bank mortgage. It could come from the government, it could come from a bank or you could even find a local credit union to work with instead. These kinds of mortgages will be a little harder to get; if you don’t have good credit or you’re just starting out, you may not be able to qualify for this kind of mortgage. It’ll just depend on where you’re at and if you have a cosigner or not.

What’s the Difference between the Two?

Conventional mortgages can be much more stable than private mortgages; they have so many rules behind them for a good reason. But since they have such backing, they can be choosey about who they lend their money to. It’s been shown that over the last 10 years 7 out of 10 people applying for a mortgage has been approved and credit scores on average are sitting at around 700 points. This sounds great – but this is just a section of the population.

If you have good credit and you have a good relationship with your lender, you might be able to get a great deal with your conventional mortgage. If you don’t have either of these things you might want to just consider going with a private mortgage instead.

Which One is Right for You?

It just depends on what you want, but as Canada mortgage brokers we know that the best way to go about it is to apply to both! Sometimes people with bad credit get a great conventional mortgage, sometimes people with great credit get a better deal with a private lender.

The important thing to consider with this situation is what lender you’re working with. It’s not easy to find a lender that will work with you, and that’s where we come in. We have the connections and the understanding of the mortgage market to help you get the one that’s right for you. Contact us today and see how you can save.

How to Easily Flip Real Estate with a Private Mortgage

Making money from real estate investments takes some real financial know-how. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a property to sell for profit and don’t know where to get funds, then you’ve already failed before you even started, or not!

Gone are the days when the only folks who can flip real estate are those with a lot of extra cash just laying around. If you have a good credit report and some smarts, you can use private mortgages in Ontario to begin a new business in flipping real estate after figuring out how to make money by buying and selling properties. So, where do private mortgages come in?

Using Private Mortgage in Flipping Real Estate

It is usually easy to qualify for a private mortgage as compared to other types of loans. Due to this, someone like you who may have limited funds can have access to what you need as long as you qualify for one.

It should be noted that private mortgage lenders often expect you to pay them within a year or two. This means that getting a private mortgage will be helpful if you’re planning on keeping a property for just a few months while you spruce it up to sell for profit. More so, it is often that it is much easier to deal with private mortgage lenders than regular lenders because regular lenders won’t you transfer a property without being fully paid off. Private mortgage lenders often allow you to modify the terms depending on your needs, making them ideal for flipping property.

Best Practices to Observe

It is important to keep in mind that flipping the best luxury real estate in Oakville isn’t as easy as you would expect if you don’t know what you are doing. If you don’t know what type of home is in demand and you purchase one that no one is interested in, you’ll be stuck with that property for quite some time.

You will also have to consider that you may have to spend a significant amount to get the house to reselling stage, more so that you’d want to get some profit for your trouble. If you end up paying more for repairs and renovations than any mark-up you’ll make, then you can place yourself in a financially bad place.

Make sure that you take actions that will minimise your risks, such as going for relatively cheap properties as opposed to high-end ones. Doing this will give you some elbow room in being able to afford paying off the mortgage should you encounter difficulties in selling the house.

Keep in mind that signing up for any type of mortgage means that you will be taking on financial responsibilities that come with consequences if not handled properly. This is why it is better to take things one step at a time. First, identify a piece of property that you’re confident about being able to flip before getting a private mortgage. Once you’re ready to go for that property, be sure to work with mortgage professionals that can get you in touch with reliable lenders who can give you a private mortgage with an attractive interest rate.

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Private Mortgage Lenders are More Flexible

Life is rarely a cookie cutter postcard, and when you want to borrow money private mortgage lenders are going to be there for you. It’s hard to find these people on your own, and you’re going to want to work with the best Toronto mortgage brokers that you can find; this means working with us! We’re here to help you make the most of your situation and to help you find the best lender to work with. Borrowing doesn’t have to be painful, and with us it won’t be.

Why are Private Mortgage Lenders Better?

There are many reasons but it really boils down to what they can offer people of every credit background. You’ll be able to find some that will cater only to those who’ve never borrowed before, while others are there just for people who are searching for home equity loans or second mortgage lenders. Whatever you do, you’re going to have to be able to show that you can repay. It doesn’t matter if your credit is bad, but you will need to be able to repay your mortgage. When you choose us as your Toronto mortgage broker you’ll get someone who knows who to work with.

What Makes Them Different?

Most borrowers want to know why private mortgage lenders will lend to anyone, don’t they have to follow the same rules as banks? Banks and other Canadian conventional mortgage lenders actually have harder criteria because they have a larger pool of investors they’re beholden to. This means they’re going to have to show that they are making a profit, and they won’t be able to loan out as much money if the entire board doesn’t approve. You’re going to want a lender with a smaller pool, one that we as Toronto mortgage brokers can find for you.

You also need to know that they work to make the most interest off of you as possible. Private mortgage lenders do too, but they’re going to be there to have a steady revenue stream. Larger lenders just don’t need this kind of income to make ends meet. They can get by without having to cater to any type of borrower. This is why you want to work with a private mortgage lender, they’ll be there for you when you need someone who can help you save big and someone that is simply more dependable.

Find the Right Lender

If you want to find the right lender, you’re going to need to work with Toronto mortgage brokers… but you don’t want to work with just any broker, you want to work with us. We’ll be here to help you get the right deal for your situation. Everyone is unique and if you want to be able to get the best rate and the best terms, you’re going to need to be paired with the right private mortgage lender. We can help, contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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