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Can Refinancing Too Much Hurt Your Credit?

It’s easy to think that you can ALWAYS get the better deal, but if you take out too many second mortgages in too short a time or just refinance your home in general you could end up hurting your credit. Borrowing shows you’re not liquid, even if you repay quickly. The last thing you want […]

How to Deal with an Underwater Mortgage

It goes by many names: underwater, upside down, sideways – whatever you call it it’s no good. When you owe more than the property is worth you may have to walk away, but there is always another option. A second mortgage can help pull you out of the debt bubble and help save your home […]

Debt Consolidation Done Right

No one wants to end up in a lose-lose situation, and that’s why when you’re considering debt consolidation you want our Toronto mortgage brokers to help you find the right solution. You can turn the equity in your home into a deal that can clear the slate and help you get on the road to […]

Understanding the Bad about Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are a great way to tap into your home, but here we’re going to talk about the ugly side and how to avoid it by working with one of our Toronto mortgage brokers. But what are the stumbling blocks? Are HELOCS and other forms of equity loans doomed for failure? Are the […]

How to Get a Mortgage When You’re Self Employed

If you’re looking into getting a mortgage when you’re self employed you’re going to have a few hurdles to jump. It all starts with figuring out where you fit. Do you have a business history and an employment history that you can show? Do you know all the paperwork and hoops you’re going to need […]

Rushing into a Second Mortgage Can Cost You Big

Know that saying “A watched pot never boils”? Second mortgages will boil over, burn down your house and gobble up your first born – well probably not the last one but you get the idea. When it comes to getting the right loan to value ratio and fair repayment terms you want to work with […]

Is Anyone Really Unfinanceable?

Some people look at private mortgages because they’re not able to find financing any other way… but is anyone ever truly unfinanceable? There’s always a lender out there that wants to work with you, but unless you work with us as your Toronto mortgage broker you might not be able to find the right one. […]