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Why You Should Invest as a Private Mortgage Lender

Nothing beats diversification when it comes to building a solid investment portfolio.  Where to find a good investing opportunity then? The stock market is a favourite for many, but it comes with a high level of risk. You’ve also got government backed securities, something that offers little risk but is at the mercy of inflation. […]

5 Ways to Turn Your Bad Credit Around with Refinancing

No one finds bad credit attractive. It is even much worse when you need to borrow from credit facilities because it shows all the skeletons in your borrowing history. Times when you’ve defaulted in your payments for one reason or another such as failing to pay on time can gravely affect a lender’s decision to […]

Canadian Household Debt Soars to $1.64 for Every Dollar Earned

How’s your debt situation? If you’re making as much as you owe or more, then you’re doing great! The 3rd quarter of 2015 brought some attention-grabbing news as borrowing rose faster compared to income growth for the average Canadian household. With the housing markets in Vancouver and Toronto still as hot as ever and the […]