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Should You Hire a Mortgage Broker?

\"conventionalIf you’re buying your first home, your second home, or you just want to save on your next mortgage, working with the Canada mortgage broker like us can help you save big. Everybody needs a mortgage to buy real estate (and if you don’t, count yourself lucky!), but most of us just aren’t all that great at negotiating. Either way, you’re going to have to try and figure out whether you should apply to bank for a loan or if you should work with us. Here we are going to talk about all the advantages of working with a mortgage broker, what we can do for you, and everything else that you need to know to make a good decision. Let’s get started!

What’s the Difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Bank?

When you work with a bank you’re working with a loan officer, an employee of the bank, someone that’s sole job in life is to extract the maximum amount of money out of you for the longest possible amount of time. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

But we’re different. We’re not employees of a bank and we work for you, not for them. We’re here to make sure that you’re getting the best rate for your mortgage – after all, why should you have to pay more? Even if you’re looking to get a private mortgage, you need to know that you’re getting impartial advice!

So Mortgage Broker Isn’t a Loan Officer? 

Nope! They, and we, work for you! You won’t have to worry about us just showing you the offers that benefit us – because after all we’ll offer you a variety of choices to choose from. Low interest loans, great terms, private mortgage, conventional mortgages, whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you figure it out. Don’t end up with a bad mortgage just because you don’t know where to find a better one – that’s what we’re here for.

Connections Make the Difference

When it comes to getting you the best mortgage rates, connections really do make the difference! Why should you get stuck with a bad mortgage when you have a lot of options? Interest rates right now are at all-time lows, and you’ll be able to get a great rate and a great private mortgage if you know where to look.

We have extensive connections throughout Toronto and Canada to help you get the mortgage that’s right for you. We’ll take your offer around to many different lenders and help you understand if this is really the right thing for you. Bad credit, low interest, easy early repayment terms, we’ll help you find the right one.

Work with Us Today and Save!

Call us today and see how you can save! Remember, we work for you, not the banks. We’ll help you understand all of your options. Don’t just take your lender’s word for it, explore your options and find the best deal.

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