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How to Use Your Home Equity for A Loan

Home equity is a huge asset that you can use to help you fund some projects, finance investments, or use as emergency cash with the help of a home equity loan. There no one specific way to best use a home equity loan but by understanding what it is, you’ll be better equipped to decide how to use your home equity.

Home Equity As An Asset

Oftentimes, a homeowner’s biggest asset is the value of the property he/she truly owns, otherwise known as the home equity. It can be viewed as a time deposit that the homeowner can access later in life to fund retirement or as an emergency piggy bank for when a sudden need for a lot of cash arises. It is therefore in your best interest to build your home equity while you can.

How to Build Home Equity

You can build your home equity by paying your mortgage or by improving the market value of your home. After all, home equity is computed as your home’s market value minus the amount you still owe. The pricier your property becomes and the smaller the amount you still owe, the bigger your home equity is.

Simply put, you can steadily build your home equity by going for home improvement projects that propel your home’s price appreciation up or by paying any loans you have on your house. .

Uses for Home Equity

Because home equity is an asset that is as good as cash savings, you can convert your home equity to cash that you can use to finance big expenses such as buying another property for investment with a home equity loan, funding your retirement with a reverse mortgage, and financing small expensive projects with a HELOC.

You can surely borrow against your home equity but you have to be sure that you understand the terms involved. Know that when you decide to borrow against your home equity, you’ll be risking your home to a foreclosure if you signed up for terms that are not within your means to fulfill. You have to communicate with your mortgage broker to ensure that any home loan you take is within your means to pay back or you might face losing your home.

Get a Loan Using Home Equity

Two popular ways to tap home equity is by applying for a HELOC and getting a home equity loan:

A home equity loan is given in a lump sum but will require you to keep paying a billed amount monthly. You won’t be allowed to take any new home loans on top of this until you’ve fully paid the amount you borrowed and interest is set from the start.

A HELOC is a line of credit from which you can borrow as little or as much as you need and as often as you want as long as within the set timeframe and limit. It is a great option for those who’ll have recurring big expenses. A bonus is that you only pay for interest on exact amount taken out and not the entire loan limit.

Both loans can prove to be beneficial as long as you honor their terms and make sure that you find a fair lender to borrow from. Ready to apply for a HELOC or a home equity loan? Contact us today so we can discuss what home equity financing option is best for your needs.

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