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Is It Easy to Get a Home Equity Loan in GTA in 2021?

Getting a home equity loan if you’re from the Greater Toronto Area shouldn’t be much of a hassle if you own your home and willing to work with lenders other than banks. It will help a lot too if you have some assistance from mortgage professionals in the GTA like us at Homebase Mortgages.

But First, What Is A Home Equity Loan?

Getting a home equity loan means applying and getting approved for a secured loan that uses your home equity as collateral. To be approved, the homeowner will have to meet the minimum home equity requirement. Banks have very stringent requirements and will usually reject a home equity loan application from homeowners that they don’t think can pay or have a property that is not in a desirable location. For this reason, home equity loans from private lenders are gaining popularity in the GTA and Ontario as well as the rest of Canada more so that they don’t usually scrutinize homeowner details other than the amount of home equity.

Payment Options and Terms for Home Equity Loans in the GTA

A typical home equity loan comes with a 1-year open first mortgage or second mortgage that charges between 7% to 15% for interest. An open mortgage has an option allowing you to pay early without incurring huge penalty fees and can be tweaked to fit your specific financial situation. Your mortgage professional can assist you with getting terms that are unique for your circumstances.

Is There an Upper Limit for a Home Equity Loan?

Your home’s value plus any existing debts you have on your property determines how much you can borrow with a home equity loan. Expect that your Loan to Value Ratio will be calculated by lenders to determine how much they can lend you together with other metrics that they may use.

Why Get a Home Equity Loan?

There are many uses for home equity loans. You can use the money to consolidate debt by paying off your smaller loans with huge interest, saving on interest payments down the road. You can use the funds to renovate your home, set up a business, or pay for expensive higher education. There is no real right or wrong reason to apply for this type of home loan as long as you are not planning on using the money on frivolous things.

Is a Home Equity Loan Different from a HELOC?

Yes. Although both loans use your home equity as collateral, a HELOC is an installment loan that works almost like having a credit card with a huge credit limit. On the other hand, a home equity loan often has a fixed rate and has to be paid within a shorter time period.

Is It Easy to Get a Home Equity Loan in 2021?

Yes and no. Getting approval can be challenging if you go the traditional route by applying to banks. An approval is much easier if you work with mortgage professionals who have the right connections to private lenders who will be more understanding of your financial plight. Contact us today!



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