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The Best DIY Projects to Increase Home Equity in 2016

With good homes becoming increasingly difficult to find when it is time to go for an upgrade, homeowners in sought-after areas often opt to stay in their current homes and simply add new features. The tricky thing here is making sure that you are not pricing yourself out of your existing equity because upgrades and renovations can become very pricey. What to do then? DIY home upgrades and do it smartly!

Opting to DIY smart upgrades will not only increase the value of your home, it will also make your stay a lot more enjoyable. Choose projects that will pay off in the end and will improve your quality of life. Simple fixes are easy to do on your own, won’t cost you too much, but make such a huge aesthetic difference that it can look and feel like you’ve got a brand-new place!

Flooring Upgrade

Flooring styles come and go. Carpet colours and tile patterns can easily make a space look old and dated, but the good thing is, they can also be easily replaced!

Simply putting on new flooring or refinishing your existing one (as in the case of timeless hardwood floors) can make your space brighter and cleaner-looking. More so, if you are planning to change your existing floor to hardwood ones, there are cheaper options that look and perform like hardwood but cost significantly less.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are notoriously expensive but if you go carefully on the appliances, flooring, and countertops, you can end up saving while still pulling off what you want. Go for changes that offer the most effect for the least dollar amount. Repainting cabinets is a lot less expensive than having them replaced.

Thinking of replacing your kitchen appliances? Go for stainless steel ones! Not only are they timeless but they are also perceived to cost more, thereby can help you sell your home in the future if you wanted to.

A New Bath

Another bathroom is always a welcome addition to a home. Some people just choose to redo an existing bath and that is okay if budget is a real problem but then, the value that a new bath will add will far exceed the cost of adding one to begin with.

Change Fixtures

Simply changing faucets, door knobs, cabinet pulls, and your shower head can really make a huge difference. Each design era has certain characteristics that make a home seem outdated so changing these superficial details can really shave off years from your home’s age. Aesthetics-wise, changing wall sconces, room lighting, ceiling fans, and rugs can do more for your home than a complete renovation.

Remember that smart home remodeling is all about choosing upgrades and updates that offer more benefits than cost. Everyone can remodel on a budget, but not everyone can make changes that are truly worthwhile.

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