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Use Your Home Equity to Get a Loan in 2021

Building your home equity comes with owning property in Canada. As you pay mortgage for your property, you build equity that can grow big through the years. Add to this the fact that your home equity will also rise together with any increase in property value. How can you benefit from this? How can you […]

4 Smart Uses of Home Equity Loans

Some people apply for a home equity loan just because they qualify for it and not for any smart purpose or reason. Sure, it is quite nice to have access to some cash that you can use to buy or pay for some things you may like now, but you have to remember that a […]

Home Equity Loans – What You Need to Know

Second mortgages or home equity loans are getting popular once again. It fell back a bit after the recession, but as people are making moves now to take charge of their finances once again, interest in various loan options are picking up. If you want to find out more details about home equity loans and […]

Getting A Home Equity Loan with No Income

A lot of people have lost their jobs or source of income during the pandemic. If you are a homeowner, you can use your home equity to access some cash; but is that possible with no income? Can an application get approved? Is It Possible to Get A Home Equity Loan with No Income? The […]

What It Means to Build Equity In Your Home

Each payment you make towards your mortgage as a homeowner goes into building your home equity, making it a powerful financial asset that is just waiting for you to tap at the right time. As you make more payments, your home equity grows, same as it grows when property values increase in your area. But […]

When You Should Consider Getting a Second Mortgage

Getting a second mortgage isn’t as simple as marching to a bank and telling lenders that you want to take a loan against your home equity. Although a second mortgage is just defined as a loan against the equity you’ve built up for your home, getting one is a complicated process that can result to […]

Thinking of Getting A HELOC in 2021?

A HELOC remains popular in 2021 because it gives borrowers plenty of freedom as it functions like a credit card and has a variable interest rate that some borrowers may find attractive. It allows people to access a credit line that is tied to their home equity as needed and pay it back according to […]