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What It Means to Build Equity In Your Home

Each payment you make towards your mortgage as a homeowner goes into building your home equity, making it a powerful financial asset that is just waiting for you to tap at the right time. As you make more payments, your home equity grows, same as it grows when property values increase in your area. But […]

When You Should Consider Getting a Second Mortgage

Getting a second mortgage isn’t as simple as marching to a bank and telling lenders that you want to take a loan against your home equity. Although a second mortgage is just defined as a loan against the equity you’ve built up for your home, getting one is a complicated process that can result to […]

Thinking of Getting A HELOC in 2021?

A HELOC remains popular in 2021 because it gives borrowers plenty of freedom as it functions like a credit card and has a variable interest rate that some borrowers may find attractive. It allows people to access a credit line that is tied to their home equity as needed and pay it back according to […]

What Effect Can Debt Consolidation Have on Your Credit?

Debt consolidation can have a huge impact on simplifying your debt management as well as improving your financial situation. It can help you save on interest, allow you to pay your loan faster, and improve your credit as you do that. Are there any negative effects, though? Some people may not be aware of this, […]

Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit in Toronto

If you’re trying to use your home equity to get better financial flexibility, then a home equity line of credit could be a good option for you. A HELOC allows a borrower to get a loan at extremely low interest rates and allows the borrower to use the loan as a revolving line of credit, […]

Is Now the Right Time for You to Get a Second Mortgage?

Getting a second mortgage is not a decision to trifle with. After all, you need to use your home equity as collateral for you to get approved for a second mortgage. With this in mind, how do you know when it is time for you to get a second mortgage? What are sound reasons to […]

Convert Your Mortgage Into Assets

Most people think of their mortgage as just another bill to pay, not really seeing it as an investment. This mindset has got to change because far from a money pit, a properly handled mortgage is like building up a savings fund for a rainy day. A mortgage is an investment because the more you […]

Top Uses for Home Equity Loans in Canada

Getting a home equity loan is one of the increasingly popular ways for Canadians to take advantage of current low-interest rates and increasing house prices. Below are the top uses that Canadians are utilising their home equity loans for. Funding Home Renovation A home equity loan is a smart way to raise funds for home […]