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Using Your Home Equity Loan to Pay for a House Remodel

There are many preparations needed to make sure that things go hitch-free when listing a home for sale. One of the best ways to prepare a home for sale is to remodel it before listing to ensure a good price. What makes this not possible for a lot of people is because of how much […]

Is It Easy to Get a Home Equity Loan in GTA in 2021?

Getting a home equity loan if you’re from the Greater Toronto Area shouldn’t be much of a hassle if you own your home and willing to work with lenders other than banks. It will help a lot too if you have some assistance from mortgage professionals in the GTA like us at Homebase Mortgages. But […]

Brokers Should Know This About Mortgage Fraud

There has been a recent uptick in the cases of mortgage fraud in Canada and both lenders and brokers should take steps to ensure that they’re a step ahead of the fraudsters at all times. A Growing Concern Equifax reported in February that Canadians have a growing concern about the possibility of being involved in […]

Are You A Canadian Homeowner? Use Your Home Equity Now!

Owning a home is great! When you own your home, you also build home equity over time as you pay more towards your mortgage even before it is paid in completion. Your home equity is like a timed savings fund that you can tap into once it reaches a certain percentage or value. How to […]

Use Your Home Equity to Get a Loan in 2021

Building your home equity comes with owning property in Canada. As you pay mortgage for your property, you build equity that can grow big through the years. Add to this the fact that your home equity will also rise together with any increase in property value. How can you benefit from this? How can you […]

4 Smart Uses of Home Equity Loans

Some people apply for a home equity loan just because they qualify for it and not for any smart purpose or reason. Sure, it is quite nice to have access to some cash that you can use to buy or pay for some things you may like now, but you have to remember that a […]

Home Equity Loans – What You Need to Know

Second mortgages or home equity loans are getting popular once again. It fell back a bit after the recession, but as people are making moves now to take charge of their finances once again, interest in various loan options are picking up. If you want to find out more details about home equity loans and […]

Getting A Home Equity Loan with No Income

A lot of people have lost their jobs or source of income during the pandemic. If you are a homeowner, you can use your home equity to access some cash; but is that possible with no income? Can an application get approved? Is It Possible to Get A Home Equity Loan with No Income? The […]