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Breaking Your Sales Goals for 2013

Everyone wants to break their sales goals year on year, but how are you going to do it? How are you going to move more and more real estate this year? What’s your plan? Here we’re going to talk about how you can double your sales, make that extra $100,000 and have the breakthrough year you’ve always wanted. Anyone can be an imitator, but it takes something special to be an innovator. Don’t get trapped in the office all year round trying to make that one extra bonus commission.

Make a Crazy Goal

The first thing you’re going to want to do is making a crazy goal. Make it over the moon, how much would you like to make at the peak of your career? Take that, add 50% to it! This will be your crazy goal, the one where you could get there if you work hard enough, but if you’re working as a realtor or a mortgage broker you’re going to have to realize that you may not be able to reach this, but it never hurts to start small and dream big right? Again, this is your crazy goal as a mortgage broker or real estate agent – don’t worry if you can’t meet this one, it won’t be the end of the world.

Make a Realistic Goal

Your realistic goal should be, well, realistic! You’re going to want to look at how much you’re making now, how much you’d like to make in the future and meet yourself halfway. This should always, always be less than your crazy goal but be a lot higher that what you’re making now.

If you’re just starting off at zero, the better you might end up at the end of the year (the only place to go from the bottom is up!) Just try and keep it realistic, don’t get sad if you can’t hit your crazy goal this year, and if you’re a little under your realistic goal you’re going to be okay. The point is to start making goals, making milestones, setting places for you to go in your real estate or brokerage career.

Make a Sad Goal You Know You Can Hit but Wouldn’t Want to

Your sad goal needs to be what you made last year. This is the lowest you ever want to go, and honestly you don’t even want to go that low. You want to surpass this milestone by a long shot, even if you don’t reach your realistic or crazy goal. If this is your first year, you have to move past $0.

Smashing sales records is all about setting goals and having a plan. You should now have your realistic, crazy and the lowest goal you need to reach. Sit down and think about changes in strategies, ways you’re going to make yourself stand out to your clients this year. Remember, it’s all about innovation – the best ideas are always rewarded. Start small, dream big, beat those sales goals!

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