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Top 5 Fast-Rising Toronto Neighbourhoods 2017

Some Toronto neighbourhoods are rising to the spotlight faster than their counterparts this year! They may be a bit out of the way from downtown, but their more affordable real estate prices and rent are luring people into their embrace, spurring development and attracting businesses to take their market there.

The above brings new life to previously quiet and slow neighbourhoods, making now an exciting time to invest and reevaluate properties in these areas. Curious about which Toronto neighbourhoods we are talking about? Then read about them below!

Birch Cliff

The Birch Cliff neighbourhood is located further east than nearby Upper Beaches although they are often lumped together. It is actually situated around the more exciting section of Kingston Rd. There’s a mini condo boom on the main street breathing new life to the east of Victoria Park and gorgeous luxury homes to the south.

Investing in Birch Cliff is indeed getting more attractive compared to the rather expensive Upper Beaches nearby.

Gerrard East

The Gerard East neighbourhood is set to wake up from being a micro neighbourhood in between Little India and East Chinatown to a bustling retail and restaurant community.

This stretch of Gerrard St. on the eastern edge of Riverdale is truly fast becoming a hot retail place with still a few retail spaces left for the daring entrepreneur.


Rockcliffe-Smyth bears the distinction of having been named as the hottest Toronto neighbourhood by Airbnb, aside from being the location that is one of the most sought-after by home buyers in recent years. One of the main reasons for the above is the abundance of nearby beautiful parkland. Another reason is a new retail hub in the area. The biggest factor would be the still attainable home prices in Rockcliffe-Smyth.

Still to come are more retail spaces along St. Clair but let’s pretend we didn’t let you in on that.

Six Points

Six Points is the busiest neighbourhood in this list in terms of new developments and things to watch out for. There are a lot of new condo developments and current construction as well as an upcoming Metrolinx transit hub at Kipling Station. Major construction of the intersection is scheduled this year and there are plans to redevelop the nearby Honeydale Mall site.

With a the upcoming developments above, we won’t be surprised if Six Points would transform into Downtown Etobicoke in the near future.


Weston is moving up quite fast fueled by the arrival of the UP Express and GO Station together with wallet-friendly rents typically and real estate prices. It doesn’t hurt too that commuting to downtown is just 20 minutes by train.

The Weston neighbourhood have a semi quaint village-like feel owing to its retail strip but this may change soon with scheduled development bringing a new pedestrian bridge to link the residential area to that of the retail and transit side.

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