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Vaughan Subway Extension Undergoes Hundreds of Tests by TTC

TTC workers continues testing hundreds of elements on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension making sure that it is ready to service commuters before the December 17, 2017 opening date.

TTC officials shared that the testings are to ensure that everything works as it should and that there will be no issues when the stations opens to the public.

Multi-Billion Dollar Project

This project has been in the works for more than a decade and came with a price tag of about $3.18 billion. The work included merging old and new technologies, planning and adding provisions for future improvements, and bringing to life 6 stations that will service thousands everyday. Certainly not a small feat and TTC is making sure that it will run as smooth as possible.

The 6 new stations comprise the 8.6 kilometer long extension that will include 2 stations in Vaughan, a major expansion for the city considering that the first major subway expansion was the Sheppard Line in 2002.

TTC COO Mike Palmer shared that about 1500 issues still needed to be fixed, ranging from missing sockets, outlets in wrong places, and more serious operational snags. He added that although the 6 stations have already been built, there is more to running it than simply constructing the stations.

They have to make sure that each and everything works as it should. All wirings and pipes have to be identified to make future repairs easier. The police and fire department both have to conduct drills and familiarize themselves with the layouts and operations of the stations so they can have a protocol in place should they be needed in the future. Certain things have to be updated and connected to ensure that the 6 new stations will function the same but better way than the rest of Toronto’s subway system.

Just Like a New House

TTC COO Mike Palmer likens all the testings to be done to owners and contractors checking a newly-built house for flaws. Just that this house is meant to receive thousands of visitors on any given day and should be ready for future additions while still looking like the rest of the neighbourhood.

Ready for the Future

Because there are already plans for future stations, provisions for connecting them to the Vaughan line has already been made. The agency also took this project as an opportunity to learn about future transit expansion.

The staff will begin familiarizing themselves with the operations in mid November and ghost services will be held to further ensure everyone’s safety and that the stations are ready for people. This means reading and studying hundreds of new documents for Line 1’s 6 new stations’ debut.

To Summarize

6 new stations were built for Line 1 with approximately 2,811 new parking spaces. The project cost a total of $3.18 billion but will only charge $3.25 fare to ride the subway. 1500 identified snags need to be worked out before the December 17, 2017 opening after weeks of ghost testing.

No doubt that the new stations will contribute to increasing the value of properties along the line, perfect for those who have houses nearby who may want to tap their home equity.

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