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Using a Home Equity Loan as an Emergency Fund

\"conventionalIt can be hard to save for a rainy day, but if you have a home you might just be in luck; with a home equity loan brokered by one of our Toronto mortgage brokers you’re going to get all the money you need to weather the storm. While it may not be the most ideal situation, it’ll be the last resort you can turn to when you need to get through some trouble. You’re going to have to meet some criteria and you’re going to have to be careful about what lender you’re working with.

Do You Have Equity?

The first thing you need it figure out is if you have equity! The first thing we do as your Canada mortgage broker is look over how much equity you have in your home. If you don’t have enough we’ll suggest you hold off – the more you have in your home the better the terms will be. If you have bad credit you could also run into trouble, and again, we’ll let you know if now really is the right time to take out a second mortgage.

Use a Home Equity Line of Credit as a Safety Net

If you do qualify for a home equity loan and you’re in a good place to borrow, you can use the equity as a safety net. The interest on your mortgage is most likely tax deductible (talk to a Toronto mortgage broker like us first before you do this!) and you’ll be able to hold on to that money for the future. Home equity lines of credit are much better suited for creating a safety net; the problem with a HELOC is though that you might have one open now but you never know when the lender is going to close it.

It’s Risky!

Since it’s fueled with the equity in your home there is always the chance that you could lose your home if you’re unable to repay. This is why it’s so important to get the right deal for you from the start. When you work with us we’ll help pair you only with lenders that have a history of fair dealings. We’ll look over your mortgage contract to see if the promised rate is what you’re getting and we’ll work with you to get you the mortgage that works for you.

Is it Right for You?

It can be hard to create a safety net – these are interesting if not uncertain times. A second mortgage or home equity loan on your home can give you the money you need to pay off your debts and keep things going until they get better. Your home is the one investment that you can tap when times get tough – that’s why it’s so important to get as high a loan to value ratio on your home as possible. You only have one chance to get it right, let one of our Canada mortgage brokers help you get the money you need today.

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